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What Clients Say ?

Compact: Packs smaller than any hiking chair I have tested. Versatile in terms of seating positions. It was easily adjustable so I could bend or stretch my legs while sitting in the chair. Extremely supportive of my lower back. I had a bit of lower back pain after carrying my overnight pack and this was instantly relieved when I sat in the Ah Chair. Really good posture support compared to other hiking chairs I have tested as they provide little or no lower back support as you tend to slump in the chair.

Darren Edwards – Trail Hiking Australia

“It’s the worlds most comfortable chair”

Tess, Moruya

Happy Client

“When I first saw you sitting in it I thought- that doesn’t look all that comfortable- but now that I’m sitting in it- Wow! It’s amazing! It’s a winner”

Greg, Moruya

Happy Client

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